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The Love~Listen~Talk~Repeat podcast is all about relationships, and things that can cause problems within them. Each week I invite a guest to share their personal or professional insights and advice on how to deal with them, as well as offering my personal tips.


Welcome to Love-Listen-Talk-Repeat hosted by Wendy Capewell, Your Relationship Specialist. 

A winning recipe for a happy relationship

LOVE each other, giving the other our care and attention

LISTEN to each other respectfully and giving our full attention, even if we don't share the other's opinion

TALK to each other, frequently, sharing our feelings, concerns, dreams................and finally

REPEAT the above

Even the happiest of relationships can hit some difficult times. Life events and situations that can cause conflict, arguments and even complete breakdown in communication.

Wendy understands this, not only having spent time researching, training and working with couples, but also because of her life experiences too.   

This podcast is going to explore those situations, and look at ways of dealing with them in a positive way, so that the relationship remains in good shape.  

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