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Welcome to the Love~Listen~Talk~Repeat podcast. 

I'm Wendy Capewell, a Psychotherapist, and Counsellor with more than 16 years of experience.  You can learn more about me and how to work with me on my website here

'The better you know yourself, the better your relationship with the rest of the world' 

- Toni Collette

The first and most important relationship is the one with ourselves. Our past experiences have shaped the person we are now. But that doesn't mean that defines us, and it doesn't mean we can't ditch those habits or negative beliefs that really don't work anymore.

By having a deeper understanding of ourselves, we are more able to create much better relationships with others in our world, whether personal, romantic, or professional.

My guests come from varied backgrounds and share their stories and experiences. Maybe similar to yours, or giving you a different perspective. 

So why not sit down, grab a cuppa and choose one of the episodes to listen to. 


Sep 7, 2022


Louisa Whitney is a family mediator helping separating couples to create tailor-made resolutions


Whilst Louisa and I have a different client base, I work with couples who are together and want to work it out, whilst Louisa works with those who have come to the conclusion that they have hit a brick wall, and she helps them communicate better whilst ending the relationship. We both experience similar situations.


Many couples have got into rut, in a busy and overwhelming world, and listen to react, or reply than listening to understand. By reacting they are likely to be angry or defensive, protecting themselves from what they believe is going to be accusations of some kind or another.

Louisa goes on to explain how she teaches and encourages couples to use the 4 C’s of effective communication:





If you would like to know more, then tune in. 


Louisa Whitney is a family mediator and a non-practicing solicitor.  In 2013 she left her role as a solicitor to set up a family mediation practice, LKW Family Mediation.  She describes the transition as having felt that as a lawyer she was helping people to put out fires they’d started but as a mediator, she was supporting people to avoid starting fires.  It suited her Highly Sensitive personality more.  She also mentors and supervises other mediators and offers training to other professionals working with separating couples and individuals.  She is hugely passionate about the 4Cs of effective communication: calm, constructive, conscious and compassionate.

Louisa is also an accredited family mediator and child-inclusive mediator.  She is also a PPC and trainer.  She worked as a family lawyer for 11 years before undertaking mediation training.  She describes the transition as her work as a lawyer helping people to put out fires they'd started and her work as a mediator teaching the separating couple how to avoid starting the fires in the first place.  In 2013 she set up a standalone mediation practice to offer high quality, empathetic mediation to separating couples with an emphasis on teaching them the communication skills to manage their separation calmly, constructively, consciously and compassionately




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Wendy is a Psychotherapist, Coach, Public Speaker, and Author. She helps people who are stuck either in their personal, professional or relationships, get to the root of the problem which is holding them back, let go - and move forward into a happier more successful life. 

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