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Welcome to the Love~Listen~Talk~Repeat podcast. 

'The better you know yourself, the better your relationship with the rest of the world'  - Toni Collette

When we understand ourselves we can create much better relationships with others in our world, whether personal, romantic or professional.

So why not sit down, grab a cuppa and choose one of the episodes to listen to. 


May 18, 2018

Robert Kandell - Issues affecting men in scoeity today and in relationships.

We go on to discuss -

  • Practical steps to live more authentically in today’s world
  • The effect of Social Media on intimate relatin
  • Where men tend to hide and why
  • How#MeToo has affected men
  • How the progressive programs for women in the end of the 20th century has hurt men
  • Some of the changes Rob has seen in society today that to affect me
  • The ways men can seek and receive help


    Robert Kandell


    Robert is business consultant, life-coach, podcaster and Author. He is writing his first book called unHIDDEN which has planned for a November 5th release. Having been on his personal development journey for 20 years when he transformed from a normal person who wanted to learn more about who he was, what he wanted and how to relate to women. 

    Robert Kandell is a veteran of many worlds. He has spent time in corporate America, a start-up, a small computer shop, and then built an international 8-figure business based on relationship, intimacy and sexuality. He currently runs a successful consulting firm helping small businesses to become marketable and profitable.

    In addition to his business and management skills, Robert is an accomplished teacher, coach, and lecturer, helping men find themselves and utilize their internal power for fourteen years He is the host of the well known podcast, Tuff Love and is currently writing his revolutionary book, unHIDDEN - A Book for Men and Those Who Are Confused By Them.



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