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Welcome to the Love~Listen~Talk~Repeat podcast. 

I'm Wendy Capewell, a Psychotherapist, and Counsellor with more than 16 years of experience.  You can learn more about me and how to work with me on my website here

'The better you know yourself, the better your relationship with the rest of the world' 

- Toni Collette

The first and most important relationship is the one with ourselves. Our past experiences have shaped the person we are now. But that doesn't mean that defines us, and it doesn't mean we can't ditch those habits or negative beliefs that really don't work anymore.

By having a deeper understanding of ourselves, we are more able to create much better relationships with others in our world, whether personal, romantic, or professional.

My guests come from varied backgrounds and share their stories and experiences. Maybe similar to yours, or giving you a different perspective. 

So why not sit down, grab a cuppa and choose one of the episodes to listen to. 


Nov 2, 2022


Sunayana Clark, Energy Worker Extraordinaire, has a long career as a holistic therapist and coach. She is now turning her focus onto the energy we hold within us, and how we can harness that to feel more empowered, by becoming our own energy worker.



We are all made up of energy. Quantum physics has already confirmed that we are not separate from our environment, We're all interconnected. We can see that through climate change, how we have affected, our own planet. And equally, we can see how our planet responds when we treat it well when we plant trees

How she would like people to become their own energy workers. We can improve our own energy levels by connecting with those things outside our bodies, rather than being influenced by media.

It takes just small steps to elicit big changes. Whether it’s our mindset, the food we eat, or the habits we have formed.  Reenergise your brain, and become more empowered.

Tune in to learn more.


Sunayana Clark, Energy Worker Extraordinaire, has been a holistic therapist and coach for 22 years, focussing on working with people with anxiety, mainly adults with anxiety, and bringing transformation into their life. as a reiki master, which she has been for over 20 years,


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Wendy is a Psychotherapist, Coach, Public Speaker, and Author. She helps people who are stuck either in their personal, professional, or relationships, get to the root of the problem which is holding them back, let go - and move forward into a happier more successful life. 

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