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Welcome to the Love~Listen~Talk~Repeat podcast. 

I'm Wendy Capewell, a Psychotherapist, and Counsellor with more than 16 years of experience.  You can learn more about me and how to work with me on my website here

'The better you know yourself, the better your relationship with the rest of the world' 

- Toni Collette

The first and most important relationship is the one with ourselves. Our past experiences have shaped the person we are now. But that doesn't mean that defines us, and it doesn't mean we can't ditch those habits or negative beliefs that really don't work anymore.

By having a deeper understanding of ourselves, we are more able to create much better relationships with others in our world, whether personal, romantic, or professional.

My guests come from varied backgrounds and share their stories and experiences. Maybe similar to yours, or giving you a different perspective. 

So why not sit down, grab a cuppa and choose one of the episodes to listen to. 


Nov 16, 2022

In 2015 after her first hypnosis session, Jennifer Schlueter quit her job as Managing Editor of 22 newspapers to travel the world while working from anywhere. During the course of her travels to dozens of countries, hypnosis has helped her fix the relationship with her mom, figure out why she used to choose toxic relationships and transform her money mindset. Jennifer thus became certified in hypnosis herself and has settled in South Africa with her dream partner that she manifested.


Jennifer talked about her earlier life and what made her move from Germany to the United States where she landed a great job.

How she became fascinated with the gang culture as it echoed her family life of drama, fighting and arguing. Which led to her desire to fix the members of the gangs.

She was dating people who were emotionally unavailable, and something had to change

Finally, a friend suggested she see a hypnotherapist. As a result of those sessions, she trained as a hypnotherapist herself.

Listen in to learn more of Jennifer’s fascinating story.  


Jennifer Schlueter loves empowering people to live a life of limitlessness, expansion, happiness, and fulfillment because we didn't come to this earth to follow society's beliefs about what's possible. She works with individuals as well as groups, and organizations. Jennifer is also the founder and host of the Mind Your Subconscious Podcast.







Wendy is a Psychotherapist, Coach, Public Speaker, and Author. She helps people who are stuck either in their personal, professional or relationships, get to the root of the problem which is holding them back, let go - and move forward into a happier more successful life. 

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