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Feb 16, 2018


In this episode  I chat to Kate Bacon, who is a Yoga Teacher, and we discuss the benefits of yoga, showing us self acceptance, and whether that can help with acceptance of others.

We also explore her thoughts about relationships - including:

  • Kate offers her thoughts about whether relationships...

Feb 9, 2018


In this episode I chat with …………. Who is the founder and CEO of SimplyHormones, delivering menopause solutions and training to individuals and into the workplace.

We discussed amongst other things - 

  • Her own story and experience of menopause and how it nearly ended her marriage
  • What inspired her to...

Feb 2, 2018


In this short episode I liken a relationship to a car, and how we treat it with care when we first own, but after a while we stop paying it the attention we did at first, and how we often treat relationships in the same way. Taking them for granted after a while.


Wendy CapewellWendy Capewell


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