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Join me for interesting and helpful advice to help keep your relationship in great shape

Sep 29, 2017

Pamela Windle talks with Wendy about how she helps couples, and how to deal with those tricky situations in relationships.


  • After the introduction Wendy and Pamela share their stories,  and the reason Wendy got into what she does. 
  • Family dynamics – teenagers and the importance of maintaining and keeping your relationship alive
  • How the birth of a baby can affect the relationship
  • The importance of boundaries and communication
  • Warning signs of things going wrong and what to do about it
  • Expectations of relationships, and how realistic they are
  • Why core beliefs and values are important
  • How hormones play their part
  • How to deal with the demands from other family members and juggling parents/teenagers, and asking for help
  • Asking for help, and what we want, and the importance of self care
  • How we can build our self esteem

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