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The Love~Listen~Talk~Repeat podcast is all about relationships, and things that can cause problems within them. Each week I invite a guest to share their personal or professional insights and advice on how to deal with them, as well as offering my personal tips.

Feb 23, 2018

A business woman, speaker, host, performer, writer and theatre director talks about why the stories we tell ourselves are so important. 


  • Why the stories we tell ourselves are so important
  • What blocks people have with stories and how they impact their relationships
  • How we can use stories to connect...

Feb 16, 2018

A Yoga Teacher, Kate and I discuss the benefits of yoga, showing us self acceptance, and whether that can help with acceptance of others.

We also explore her thoughts about relationships - including:

  • Kate offers her thoughts about whether relationships give “security” 
  • How to avoid jealousy in polyamorous (or any)...

Feb 9, 2018

The founder and CEO of SimplyHormones,  Kathryn Colas delivers menopause solutions and training to individuals and into the workplace.

We discussed amongst other things - 

  • Her own story and experience of menopause and how it nearly ended her marriage
  • What inspired her to set up the business
  • Symptoms of Menopause
  • Some...

Feb 2, 2018

I liken a relationship to a ca in this short episode, and how we treat it with care when we first own, but after a while we stop paying it the attention we did at first, and how we often treat relationships in the same way. Taking them for granted after a while.


Wendy CapewellWendy Capewell


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